Flawsome Episode 4: Ivie Is A Perfect Example Of Why Women In Love Should Never Be Advised

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We are always here for drama series that take every opportunity to show us that women can indeed be friends without stabbing each other in the back, and Showmax’s original series, Flawsome, establishes it in every episode.

Flawsome Titi Kuti and Sharon Ooja
Poju (Titi Kuti) harassing Ivie (Sharon Ooja) over a gift she received. Photo: Instagram/Showmaxnaija

Flawsome is a 13-part drama series that follows the lives of four friends, Ifeyinwa (Bisola Aiyeola), Ramat (Ini Dima-Okojie), Ivie (Sharon Ooja), and Dolapo (Enado Odigie), as they navigate their personal and professional lives bound by the flawed yet unbreakable ties they share.

Here are some of the takeaways from the fourth episode of the drama series.

Never Advise A Woman In Love

Poju (Titi Kuti) gambles, steals, lives in Ivie’s house for free, and still always has the mouth to berate her. When you picture those Abuja big boys who live on women, Poju should be the picture that pops up in your head.

Only this time, Ivie is no sugar mummy. She is just an intern at a fashion house.

In this episode, she walks out angrily on her friends because they advised her to stay away from Poju. According to her, it’s disrespectful to talk about her relationship.

She would soon learn.

Never Tell Victims How To React

We all know Ramat has her issues, but she is always fired up for a good cause, even though she never has a plan. However, Dolapo should have made sure, she handled the situation between her client (Sheggz Olusemo) and her friend instead of allowing her subordinate handle a rape allegation in such manner.

It’s the least she could do as a friend and a professional PR person. Like Ifeyinwa mentioned, she needed a knock on her head for all she said to Ramat.

Men Are Self Absorbed

Watching the series from episode four, you would probably believe that Dolapo was the person that drew the battle line between her and Ranti (Gabriel Afolayan), but that’s not so.

Ranti went after her client, and Dolapo did her job. All these stories that touch on how she took opportunities from him are emotional blackmail.

Trust men to always sprinkle ‘you would die single’ whenever they are losing at something they started.

Watch the new episode of Flawsome showing exclusively on Showmax today! A new episode is released every week on Thursdays.


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