No Money? No Problem! Here’s How to Have a Detty December the Sapa Way

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Prepared or not, December is here, and so are the felicitations that fill the month. For some, it is time to take stock of what went wrong or right in 2022 and make commitments for a better 2023. For others, this is the month we let our hair down and catch all the fun that comes with it. After all, this life no get duplicate. We bet you must have started preparing yourself for the holidays. What are you doing this season? Going on a vacay? Attending owambes? Painting the town red or making the month detty? Or you’ll simply sleep and wake? After all, sapa is real.  

Talking about sapa, have you seen the recent price of a bag of rice? Transportation is at an all-time high. Even the price of concert tickets? Wahala! If your account balance is up to it and you’re gonna have a detty December, visit all the clubs, attend concerts and events, or host owambes with correct gbedu, you’ve got our 100% support; enjoy this season! But if your account balance is not balance-ing, don’t feel sad – we’ve got something for you. Let’s share some affordable ways to have a fun and detty December. 

First of all, have a budget

Yes, you want to have fun, but you also don’t want to do pass yourself. Having a budget will save you from the stress of overspending and thinking of how to make it up to yourself. Whether you want to spend like a sinzu or manage your money this season, you should have a budget. That way, you’ll be able to curate your fun activities and ensure they are in tandem with your account balance. Are you going on a vacation or doing Netflix and chill in your apartment? A budget will determine that.

Redecorate your room

It’s the end of the year and the preparations for a new year are commencing soon. It’s a perfect time to redecorate your room, let go of old stuff and replace them with new ones. Get new decorations, flowers, furniture, or repaint your apartment. Have you been eyeing that artwork? Oya buy it! You can also indulge yourself in some DIYs. Don’t forget to declutter your wardrobe and home in general, you’re stepping out of 2022, step out of old stuff too.

Invite friends over for a party or dinner

No money for “we outside”? No wahala! You can have your own party right in your room. All you need to do is invite your family and friends to your crib, chat, play games, have some food (or snacks) and drinks and share experiences. Get creative with activities and games. You can also discuss how the year has been for you and what things you are looking forward to doing in the coming year.  

Tip: if you don’t have money for food and drinks, tell each of your friends to come with a plate of food or snacks or a bottle of wine (or juice); it’ll reduce the pressure on you. See? Sense will not kill you. 

Take yourself out

You’ve been working hard throughout the year, you should also have a moment of enjoyment. December is the perfect month for that. Now, check your account balance, no matter what it’s saying, take something out of it and go for that dinner date with yourself. Buy a nice meal, a glass of wine or juice, and some chocolates for the sweet-toothed people. Alternatively, you can buy yourself something nice – a dress, a beautiful pair of shoes, a wristwatch. The goal is to chop life this December.  

Get enough rest

Las las, get enough rest. This holiday is probably the only one you would get in many months to come. If you don’t have the energy to turn up, stay in your house, sleep, eat and movies. Your body needs that rest, plus, it’s also a good way to avoid billing.

Whatever you do, have a budget. Remember, January has 18 months. Don’t detty December your way into a sapa-filled 2023.

Is it too early to say “happy holidays?”



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