Noel Fielding Lists The Things He Will Miss About Matt Lucas On Bake Off And… Awwww

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Noel Fielding (left) and Matt Lucas in the first episode of The Great British Bake Off in 2020.
Noel Fielding (left) and Matt Lucas in the first episode of The Great British Bake Off in 2020.

It looks like Noel Fielding is really going to miss co-hosting The Great British Bake Off with Matt Lucas.

The presenter has reacted to the news that Matt is leaving the Channel 4 baking show by listing all of the things he’ll miss about his former co-host in a heartwarming Instagram post.

The Mighty Boosh star has fronted Bake Off alongside Matt for the last three years. 

On Tuesday, Matt announced he was quitting the programme, stating that it “became clear” he could no longer present the show and work on other projects.

In a “farewell” post, Noel thanked Matt “for three amazing years” and reeled off everything he would miss about his co-host.

“I will really miss your spark and huge smile in the tent and I will miss your kindness as a person and to all the bakers,” Noel wrote.

“I will miss your sense of the absurd and your silliness. I will miss all the times the four of us giggled together. 

“I will miss your ability to turn into a fully formed character at the drop of a hat.”

He continued: “I will miss you pretending to be Boris Johnson singing David Bowie songs and I will miss your upbeat nature and positive vibes.”

Noel hailed Matt as “a huge comic talent but also a lovely man and a good friend”, adding: “I wish you luck on your next adventure and look forward to watching as a fan. See you in the real world soon buddy.”

In a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening, Matt explained he was leaving Bake Off due to a schedule clash.

“Farewell Bake Off! It’s been a delicious experience and I can’t imagine a more fun way of spending my summers,” he wrote.

“But it’s become clear to me that I can’t present both Fantasy Football League and Bake Off alongside all my other projects.

“So, after three series and 51 episodes, I am cheerfully passing the baguette on to someone else.”

He continued: “I would like to give my warmest thanks and gratitude to everyone at Love Productions and Channel 4 and to Noelipops, Paul, Dame Prue, the crew and, of course, the wonderful bakers for welcoming me into the tent.

“I wish whoever takes over the very best and I can’t wait to tune into the next series without already knowing who won!”

Channel 4 is yet to announce who will replace Matt.

However, the former Little Britain star will still be seen on screen in Bake Off’s forthcoming Christmas specials, which are set to air on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Source: Huff Post