Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti leak reveals specs from ‘unlaunched’ RTX 4080

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The GeForce RTX logo on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

A new leak could confirm rumors that Nvidia’s planning on releasing the “unlaunched” 12GB RTX 4080 graphics card as the RTX 4070 Ti. The company briefly posted the specs for its upcoming RTX 4070 Ti GPU on its website, but Twitter user @momomo_us managed to snag a screenshot before Nvidia pulled the page down.

So far, the leaked specs look identical to that of the 12GB RTX 4080, with the chip sporting 7,680 CUDA cores, a 2.61 GHz boost clock, and 12GB of memory. It also says the GPU could run 4K at up to 240Hz or 8K at 60Hz with DSC and HDR, while an included chart indicates that the RTX 4070 Ti could outperform the RTX 3080 by about 3.5 times when playing Cyberpunk 2077 with its new Ray-Tracing: Overdrive mode.

In October, Nvidia faced criticism over its decision to launch the 12GB RTX 4080 GPU under the RTX 4080 moniker because of how much it differs from its much more powerful 16GB counterpart. Unlike the 12GB model, the $1,199 16GB RTX 4080 features 9,728 CUDA Cores, a 2.51GHz boost clock, 780 Tensor-TFLOPs, 113 RT-TFLOPs, and 49 Shader-TFLOPs of power. This backlash led Nvidia to cancel its launch altogether and plan a way to repackage the chip.

Pricing for the RTX 4070 Ti hasn’t yet been confirmed, but some rumors indicate that it will be cheaper than the $899 12GB RTX 4080. According to Wccftech, Nvidia may go with a lower $799 price point because the US recently pushed back the reimplementation of a Trump-era tariff on Chinese-made GPUs and other computer parts, which was expected to go into effect at the start of 2023. Now the 25 percent tariff isn’t set to go into effect for another nine months.

Nvidia’s expected to launch the RTX 4070 Ti at CES in January, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to confirm these specs and rumored pricing.

Source: TheVerge