People have been sharing their hot takes after seeing this Indian restaurant’s spiciness categories

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A Redditor named u/Trinketlady spotted an unusual list of spice levels to choose from on a food app.

She added –

Local Indian restaurant finally saying what everyone’s thinking.


It translates well to UK spice levels, too.

Reddit users shared their hot takes. Or their hotness takes.

I’m Mexican, I love spice. I eat a whole pepper with just about every meal. Went to a Thai place and asked for an 8 spice level… Mexican spice and Thai spice are not the same thing. Y’all are using nuclear chemicals.

My family is so white we may as well be ghosts. Growing up, hot was black pepper from the salt and pepper shakers.

One near me has spice levels listed as Mild, Medium, Hot, and Ass Fire. Literally “Ass Fire” printed on their menu.

I knew someone who grew up in an area where sushi wasn’t really a thing. At a potluck, he thought the wasabi was guacamole and scooped a large hunk onto his taco chip and nearly died.

I used to go to this great Caribbean restaurant that would use tingle, sweat, cry, and super cry. It was accurate.

I’m thinking Indian very spicy is like that scene from Terminator 2 where Arnold slowly descends into magma hot machine soup with a thumbs up.

I love how there is no overlap in the ratings. Like, they could have at least tried to make this easier for people by having “American Spicy/Indian Mild,” but no, they straight up chose violence. I love it. LOL.

On the way in, I like it as spicy as I can get. On the way out though… That’s a different story 🤣

According to some Indian co-workers I go to lunch with sometimes. You missed a final rating of Indian Countryside Spicy.

I have zero tolerance for spice so I think “Indian very spicy” would likely kill me.

u/arachnophilia shared a story about the hamburger from Hell.

I basically grew up eating Thai.

The hottest thing I’ve ever eaten was a hamburger. They had a warning on the menu. I ignored it. They said the owner makes the sauce in a gas mask and everyone has to leave. I figured it was a gimmick.

I’ve eaten some spicy stuff in my life but this thing was a mistake.

It was like gargling pepper spray. The sauce was reduced capsaicin. It hurt going in, it hurt after several milkshakes and it hurt coming out 15 minutes later.

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