The best frozen foods to help tackle cost of living crisis

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As cost of living pressures bite around Australia, the freezer section may become more appealing to families as they search for cheap and long-lasting groceries.

Comparison website Canstar Blue has released this year's top-rated frozen dinners and snacks to beat the cost of living crisis.

"The frozen alternative is always cheaper than the fresh alternative," Canstar's Gary Mortimer said.

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Canstar Blue rates best frozen foods


"You don't have to splash out on premium brands to get a really good product," Canstar Blue's editor-in-chief Christine Seib said.

Taking out the top spot is On the Menu, which is the only product to score five stars in all categories, including taste, freshness and value for money.

"Given that everyone's focus right now is on the cost of living, cutting costs, it seems On the Menu's meals, which start about $3, have caught shoppers' eyes," Seib said.

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Another family dinner saver is Woolworths' home brand, which won the frozen pizza category.

While some stores have enforced purchasing limits amid a potato shortage, there is one product full of spuds that Canstar recommends: Aldi fries.

"It's not even a fluke, they won the same category last year," Seib said.

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Canstar Blue rates best frozen foods

If you're looking for dessert, Canstar's top picks are the Sara Lee cheesecake and chocolate cake, as well as Nanna's pie and crumble. 

Switching from fresh to frozen could save you significant dollars in the long term.

While 62 per cent of shoppers say they keep a backup stash of vegetables in the freezer, making the permanent switch from fresh to frozen could see you pay a third of the price and get more nutritional value.

"Frozen cobs of corn can be $3, fresh is nearly three times that amount at $9," Mortimer said. 

"When it's fresh, obviously throughout a supply chain, the longer it sits on a shelf, it tends to lose its nutritional value."

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Source: 9News