17 funny and quirky quotes from little kids

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The Live from Snack Time Instagram account curates those funny things that little kids say. It’s an entertaining rabbit hole to go down and well worth a follow.

If you aren’t sure, these might persuade you.

1. The only two topics of adult conversation



2. That’s the dream

3. Refreshing honesty

4. The anti-Joe Wicks

5. There’s always room for pudding

6. Me if I ever meet Danny DeVito

7. Mondays

8. One of life’s great philosophers

9. The perfect confidante


10. Should be available on prescription

11. It’s important to have a plan

12. No arguments here

13. A Tale of Two Cities – Puffin edition

14. Always respect the tired


15. The secret of happiness

16. When you see the email inbox

17. Down to the important stuff


We couldn’t agree more.

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