Four Characters On ‘Wura’ And How They’ve Got Us Asking Questions

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Telenovelas are known to be very captivating and leave the audience wanting more with each episode. Showmax’s original telenovela, Wura has been doing just that. Every new episode leaves the audience wondering what’s going to happen next and sometimes creates a love-hate relationship with some of the characters.



The characters in Wura have been through it. From being victims of unfortunate situations to being the villains themselves, it’s been a mix of some crazy and interesting situations. However, they do not leave us without some questions about what may or may not be the reason for their actions or even inactions.

Let’s take a look at four key characters from the telenovela and some of the questions they have us asking ourselves:

Wura Adeleke: 

What better way to start the listing of the article than kicking off with the leading lady? Wura is one hell of a woman. Strong, loving wife and mother, intelligent, determined and also very devious. She has built an empire for herself over the years and has gotten some much-deserved respect – well, except her mother-in-law’s.

However, Wura’s quick instinct to take out anyone in her way is just something we are yet to wrap our heads around. Also, how is she able to keep her face straight and innocent while paying for her victims’ burials, attending the burials and even giving a speech?

Wow, Wura! There are levels to these things.

Jeje Amoo:

The ever-efficient right hand man to Wura. Looking good at all times may just be the only thing Jeje knows how to get right at a first trial. It’s always one miss or the other with him and we can’t help but wonder what the reason may be.

Why did it take him multiple trials to successfully execute a murder? Even the last time when he was sure the deal had been done, he still left a room for a mishap. Also, why was he not able to see right through Tumi? Could he have been blinded by the love he had for her? Like, he was blind towards her intentions and moves. Maybe it was love. 


The Man with nine lives or should we say three lives. Femi was one hard pill to get rid of. He was practically a thorn in Wura and Jeje’s flesh and he did not hold back in pulling his strings. However, his selfishness might have gotten the best of him.

Femi kept us wondering how selfish and impractical one can be. How did he think he could keep blackmailing the infamous Wura Adeleke and go scot-free? Just how? He even went on to keep making demands here and there. 

Sorry, Femi. Do better next time.

Tony Adeleke:

A man of integrity! Tony is a man you call goals. He is a loving husband, a caring father and the incorruptible Commissioner of Police in Osun State. Tony is one of the good ones.

However, we can’t help but wonder how he is able to not allow his unconditional love for his wife get in the way of doing his job.

We guess integrity and justice come before love.

All these questions and raised eyebrows at them are part of the things that keep us intrigued and glued to our seats watching Wura.

It’s still a long road ahead for Wura lovers as there are a lot more twists and turns to come. Visit to get started, with new episodes Mondays – Thursdays.

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