I was praised for singing Teni’s song in church – New EC member

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New member of the Electoral Commission (EC) has revealed that her performance of a secular song in church surprisingly won her praise.

Rev Akua Ofori Boateng who doubles as an Anglican Priest says she sang a song by Nigerian singer, Teni, titled ‘Case’ to her congregation.

The First Female Programme Director of the Anglican Diocese says she was briefly criticised, “but you know how it is, you always see the negative things more than you see the positive things.”

“But a lot of people felt as if it really made scripture relatable,” she added.


“There were those who just felt like they were stuck on the song and were like why this song?”

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, she explained that she wanted the song to be more relatable to Christians by painting a picture of God’s love and to convey the same message to Christians with the exact words of the song termed as “secular”.

“The children of God should be able to just like Jesus Christ did, look at the circumstances around them, what people are singing, what people are thinking about, I mean what is so holy about sheep and shepherds, it’s just the circumstance in which he found himself in, just like the woman with the coin,”

“These are all secular things but he used them to convey his message, so if people are listening to Teni’s song, people are listening to a song that’s talking about a love that will do anything, a love that will cross water, go under bridges, will slap police and so on,” she explained.

“And the point I was making is, that is how God loves us, he will do anything for us, so that it’s relatable,” she explained.

According to her, the people of the world have identified how to make the circumstances of this world much relatable which they express in their songs therefore people of God can equally do the same

“Jesus said that the people of the world are more shrewd than the people of the Kingdom of God, the idea being that, the people of the world have figured out how to understand the world and use the messages of the world to convey what they want, so what about us,” Rev. Ofori Boateng said this on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

She added that, she was also commended by the Anglican Church because that is exactly what the seminary teaches.

“The Anglican Church was fascinated and praised me because we are taught in seminary that one of the things we are supposed to do is to listen to the world around us, the news, the media, what is happening and find ways to relate that back to people,”

“So that they can experience God in the circumstance in which they’re in, so that we stop experiencing God only in church on Sunday for those 2 or 3 hours that we’re in church and the rest of the time we behave like criminals,” The Anglican Priest said.

Rev. Akua Ofori Boateng is one of the three members sworn in by the President into the Electoral Commission (EC). The other two are Dr. Peter Appiahene and Salima Ahmed Tijani.

The Induction took place on Monday, March 20, 2023, at the Jubilee House.