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Top tip: Don’t park on the shore of Lake Erie in winter

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An old clip of a car completely encased in ice has resurfaced and has been blowing minds in Reddit’s r/Whatcouldgowrong forum.

Check it out.

WCGW parking by Lake Erie
by u/Chode_of_Justice in Whatcouldgowrong

The car was parked overnight outside a restaurant in Lake Shore Road, Hamburg, New York, back in 2016 – right on the shore of Lake Erie and very close to the Canadian border. It went wildly viral.

Incredibly, when u/Chode_Of_Justice shared the clip, it turned out that a lot of people hadn’t seen it before. These reactions show just what was going through their heads.

Good luck getting to your scraper bud.
Mayor Of Chedda

Narrator: and they returned for their vehicle next summer.

Pulls out lighter – I’m gonna be here a while.

Well at least there wont be any bird poop on the windshield anymore!

You mean it’s not an ice sculpture?

Don’t worry I found a simple life hack on Facebook for this!! Step one: fill a sandwich bag with warm water.

We’re going to need some hair dryers.

Grew up two blocks from Lake Michigan and would walk down to see the cars looking like this in the worst weather; fun times when you’re a kid!

u/Aethrin1 saw the silver lining.

Look on the bright side; you’re never going to have to worry about thieves breaking in.

u/Realistic-Spend7096 had a question.

How do you deal with that without damaging the car?

u/attorneyatslaw had this “suggestion”.

Take it away on a flatbed and put it in a heated garage for a couple days.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that u/attorneyatslaw had already watched this.

This ‘bubble freezing’ is very beautiful

Source r/Whatcouldgowrong Image Screengrab

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