These 56 Items From Clothes Doctor Will Make Your Favourite Outfits Last Longer

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In recent years select brands have made waves to use eco-conscious fabrics and environmentally friendly methods to produce clothes. 

Some fashion labels have launched initiatives to encourage shoppers to recycle their existing garments, while other companies offer rental services and lend clothes to shoppers, to champion a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Clothes Doctor, which has been described as “eco friendly clothing care for your wardrobe favourites”, takes it one step further. 

The British brand helps to give our clothes a new lease of life, so we can wear them for longer than the average two-year cycle. 

Clothes Doctor offers a range of products to help wash, refresh, mend and protect your clothes with its impressive 56-piece collection, which spans across moth repellents, clothing mists, eco-friendly laundry detergents and conditioners, as well as mending kits to extend the shelf life of your favourite outfits.

The products are all made from natural ingredients, such as essential oils, which not only leave your clothes smelling fresh, but work to protect and ward off insects making a beeline for your luxe cashmere jumper. 

They also come in recyclable packaging, which is doubly impressive for the eco-conscious activist.

The variety of products cater to everyone’s needs, but the Moth Repellent range in particular is said to be the most sought after, especially with the warmer months pending and the fear of moth holes in your clothes looming. 

The Moth Repellent Scented Bags ward off the pesky insects from nibbling your knits, while leaving your clothes smelling fresh, which is a welcome alternative to the musky mothball scent we know and hate. 

The Moth Repellent Scented Bags come in three variations; Protect Me, which boasts notes of lavender, patchouli, lemongrass, and eucalyptus, Rescue Me, scented with jasmine, chamomile, rose petals, and sweet rhubarb, while Treat Me is a more aromatic blend of orange, cinnamon, cloves and star anise.

Clothes Doctor also offers a variety of eco-friendly detergents, with specially designed cleaning products to suit the array of fabrics, from delicate silk and sportswear, to cashmere and wool, as well as baby clothes. 

The Eco Wash detergents come in different sizes too, which include three full sizes of 1kg, 500ml, and 250ml, as well as a travel version of 15ml, so rest assured your clothes will be fresh and clean even on the go. 

The eco-friendly detergents come in the Signature or Basil and Mandarin scents, which are mineral-based, free from toxins and harsh chemicals, yet still effective when it comes to removing stains. 

Clothes Doctor has also created a fabric conditioner, as well as a stain remover perfect for those who need a more intense product to make those stubborn marks disappear. 

The label has also created fabric mists, which are multipurpose products. The mists not only leave your clothes smelling fresh, but function as a moth repellent, and a cleaner as each spray is infused with cleaning agents to remove bacteria from your clothes, perfect for when you have skipped laundry day. 

The Knitwear Mists come in two scents, cedarwood and vanilla, or lavender and thyme, plus you can shop Clothing Spritz, and Steamer Water, which are suitable on other fabrics. 

The fun doesn’t stop there, as Clothes Doctor also offers specialist tools, such as Darning Needles, and mending sets, in case you wish to repair your clothes by hand.

Clothes Doctor’s products can be purchased individually, or in expertly curated kits, with prices starting as low as £4.50 for a Lint Cloth, up to £130 for a curated hamper, or £121.95 for the OG that is the Complete Clothing Care Kit and houses simply everything Clothes Doctor has to offer.

New customers are eligible for 10% off their first order when they sign up to the Clothes Doctor newsletter, which we highly recommend doing. 

Shoppers can also sign up to a Clothes Doctor subscription, so you never run out of your favourites, or you can shop gift cards to get your family and friends hooked too.

Clothes Doctor also offers a range of services, which enable shoppers to leave their beloved clothes with the experts to repair, restore or alter, their belongings for a fee – though a quote is agreed before you send off your clothes for full transparency, but you have no obligations to proceed with should you change your mind. 

Plus, Clothes Doctor has a dedicated journal offering tips and tricks, to educate you on fashion, sustainability, and laundry, as well as navigate wash day better.