Burger, egg, macaroni cheese and batter? Sounds like a recipe for disaster

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We’re all for a little experimentation with recipes, but we suspect Chefclub is using it to troll the entire internet. Reddit user MarriedInfiltration found the perfect example.

This… monstrosity
by u/MarriedInfiltration in StupidFood

We’d love to know what Gordon Ramsay thinks of it, but in the meantime, here are some other – not very flattering – opinions.

Was I the only one that felt uneasy how he folded the burger patties over the cheese? He cuts them down the middle to fry, but instead of putting the cheese inside the cut, he folds it over completely. I knew then this is not a chef, this is a psychopath posing as a chef. Then I saw that pancake mix…

I mean, that’s some of the driest mac and cheese I’ve ever seen. It needs all the help it can get.

I actually said aloud “Wait, why??” when they folded the patty over the opposite way of the cut they already had 😆

This video just acts as another example of how nothing good happens when a person suddenly brings out a jar on the internet.

I hope this guy got a speeding ticket on the way home after filming this.

Pretty sure there is wax or rubber in the lids where they meet the jar.

Is this an AI recipe?
“Chatgpt, I need a chefs club breakfast recipe with extra nonsense”.
“And make sure the person making it doesn’t use their arms like a regular human”


At first I was thinking, “yeah this is kinda dumb but I’m intrigued. Maybe it won’t be that bad.”

Then the mac and cheese came out.

Then the rest of the video happened.

I don’t understand what even is the point of all this prep. It’s bachelor chow with unnecessary added work. Just dump precooked sausage and powdered eggs on top of your box mac if you’re so determined to be sad and weird.

I nearly gagged at the reveal at the end… that is a monstrosity indeed.

This is the ideal breakfast. I love starting my day with 6000 calories and diarrhea.

u/MarriedInfiltration added –

I’m glad he put the sprig of mint on it. Otherwise it would have been gross.


The recipe was pure rage bait – but the reaction was pure comedy

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