This unappealing Tinder message had everybody swiping left

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A Reddit user named u/Glittering_Finger_63 took to r/Tinder to share this example of why dating apps can be a nightmare.


They gave it the title ‘Bullet Dodged’ and we have to say, that kind of nails it.

Reddit users had some pretty strong opinions on the person’s attitude – and these comments have it covered.

Looking like a damn job interview. hard pass

She needs a reference letter from your last employer and your last girlfriend. Respect!

Thought this was a LinkedIn message until I rechecked the sub it was in.

A job interview where the hiring manager tells you that it’s going to be terrible place to work.

Girl thinks she’s on the Bachelorette.

I think that a good way to go with this is turn the table back on them. Ask them what do they bring to table and make them justify themselves. Either you still dodged a bullet if they unmatch or you get sth interesting in the response

I once went on a date that felt like that. It was the first and last time I saw her.

Hi, I’m a fucking nightmare. Why would you like to date me?

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I see myself as the senior boyfriend, team lead over the other bfs.

‘Considering past relationships, how do you think you can improve on that?’

ChicagoChurro gave them a little benefit of the doubt.

They’re acting like you have to win them over before even getting to know them. They may not be a shitty person for that but it certainly does make them look stuck up and conceited, and that’s unattractive.


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