This person asked to be called by their ‘husband’s rank’ and the comeback just gets better and better

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Somewhere in the comeback hall of fame sits this, a pitch perfect takedown of this car sticker suggesting this person insists on being called by their ‘husband’s rank’ and it just gets better and better.

It went viral in the corner of Reddit called ‘clever comebacks’ for reasons which will become obvious.

If you haven’t come across it before then you’re in for a treat and if you have then it warrants a second look we reckon.



‘I would love to hear how this went down.’

‘I wouldn’t even address your husband by rank because I’m not in the organization that rank applies to.

‘You sure as shit have not earned that rank, your husband did. Why would that title transfer to you? Do you address your doctor’s significant other as doctor?’

‘Sometimes these bumper stickers are a joke for an army base audience.

‘Sometimes they’re not …’

– The Poke.