Meta may launch a Threads web version early this week

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An image showing the Threads logo
Illustration: The Verge

Meta will launch the web version of Threads, its competitor to X (formerly known as Twitter) early this week, reports The Wall Street Journal. A web version has been frustratingly missing since the short-form posting service began.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is working on adding the feature along with better search (well, search at all, really — right now, you can only search for usernames on the platform) earlier this month, and that it would be ready in “the next few weeks.”

However, WSJ writes, its sources say the feature’s “launch plans aren’t final and could change.” Mosseri posted on Threads last week that Meta had been testing “an early version internally for a week or two,” but that it “needs some work” before wide release.

Threads launched as a very barebones Twitter clone only about a month and a half ago, quickly soaring past the 100 million user mark and filling with celebrities and brands, but it’s been missing several crucial features, which the company has been slowly adding. The company recently added a follow feed, as well as the ability to verify a link with your Mastodon profile, indicating Meta may actually be taking integration with the decentralized social network protocol Activity Pub at least partially seriously.