BBNaija All-Stars: Highlights From The Last Immunity Challenge Of The All-Star Season

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The housemates have reached the penultimate week of the game. The pressure is almost as visible as an additional housemate and the quest for immunity was tougher than ever. The competition got so intense that Cross spent 2000 Moniepoint coins (translating to millions of naira according to Ebuka). So, Cross became the first housemate to get to the finals.


It began with a Head of House game which tested their physical endurance. The housemates dropped out of the game one after the other until the final three were left; Angel, Ilebaye, and Pere. After Biggie made the game even more intense, Pere dropped out, followed by Angel, leaving Ilebaye as the winner of the HOH games and immunity by extension.

The Black Envelope challenge also took place. All the housemates except Cross and Ilebaye took part in the challenge. Five of the housemates found the five black envelopes that were hidden in the arena and some interesting things were won. Adekunle won a snack, Angel won kuli-kuli, Pere a bottle of groundnuts, and Soma a bar of chocolate. However, Cee-C was the lucky winner of the black envelope immunity challenge, leaving Mercy Eke, Angel, Adekunle, Venita, Soma, and Pere without immunity and susceptible to nomination.

The housemates were then asked to nominate who they want out of the house. Out of the housemates without immunity, Mercy Eke got the least number of nominations, earning her immunity.

So, the housemates automatically making it to the final are Cross, Ilebaye, Cee-C, and Mercy Eke, and the housemates up for eviction are Angel, Adekunle, Venita, Soma, and Pere.

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