How to install iOS 17 on your iPhone

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iPhone with icons and illustrated background
Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge

Okay, it’s time — Apple is rolling out iOS 17 to everyone today. While it’s been possible to download the developer and public betas of iOS 17 for a while, you can now download and install this latest version of Apple’s new mobile operating system, which is stable and ready to go.

But first, an important reminder: whenever you play with your operating system, it never hurts to first back up your device’s data — just in case.

What new features come with iOS 17?

The new iOS offers a wide range of cool new features. These include new safety features, AirTag sharing, a new nightstand mode, better contact cards, improved autocorrect and voice transcription, and Live Voicemail. Not to mention updates to stickers and AirDrop, keyboard updates,…

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