How to preorder all of the new Amazon devices, including the Echo Hub

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An over-the-shoulder view of a person wearing eyeglasses tapping on a wall-mounted Amazon Echo Hub.
Among many iterative updates, some of Amazon’s new devices include the Echo Hub and Fire TV Soundbar. | Image: Amazon

During Amazon’s fall hardware event, the company announced a batch of new smart home devices across its Echo, Fire, Eero, and Blink lines. While some of these Amazon product announcements have led to a deluge of Alexa-infused smart home tech, this year’s event was slightly more subdued, with a lot of time dedicated to Amazon’s new large language model developments. But Amazon still found the time to unveil a bunch of new devices, including a third-gen Echo Show 8, a smart home controller, a pair of kid-friendly tablets, Fire TV Sticks, a Fire TV Soundbar, and more.

Some of these devices are coming as soon as October (with one exception that’s already in stock today). And while we’ll have to review them to see just how well they perform, here’s what you need to know about these new devices and how to get them if you’re already living that Alexa life and primed to be an early adopter.

How to preorder the third-gen Echo Show 8

First up, Amazon introduced a new Echo Show 8. The homescreen can now change based on how close you are to it, and Alexa should respond to requests much faster. It also comes with audio quality improvements, including support for spatial audio and room adaptation software. Other updates include a centered 13-megapixel camera and new tech that should minimize background noises while on video calls. The new Echo Show 8 will ship on October 25th, but you can preorder it now for $149.99 at Amazon.

Amazon also announced the Echo Show 8 Photos Edition, which primarily shows your personal photos and videos on the homescreen. It also comes with an extra 25GB of storage and a six-month subscription to Amazon’s new PhotosPlus, which allows you to share photos with other Echo Show or Fire TV owners. You can preorder it for $159.99, and it will be released sometime this fall.