GOTV subscribers to soon get content on smart devices

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GOTV subscribers to soon get content on smart devices


Subscribers of GOTV will soon have access to stream GOTV content away from home on smart devices.

Accordint to the Head of Corporate Communications of MultiChoice Ghana, Nii Armah Dagadu, the move is to provide good local offerings to its customers.

Speaking to Joy Business at the premiering of its newly local epic series dubbed Nana Akoto, Mr Dagadu said “Multichoice is poised to continue to give good content and services to its customers across the country and beyond. We have a lot in stock for these consumers in 2024.”

On his part, Alex Okyere, Managing Director of Multichoice Ghana, said, “As we bring ‘Nana Akoto’ to our viewers on DStv and GOtv, we are reminded that storytelling has the power to inspire, unite, and uplift. This compelling narrative of bravery and unity serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and resilience of our people.”

The thrilling TV drama is poised to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, offering a story of courage, determination, and the pursuit of justice that will leave a lasting impact.

Set in the heart of the Asante kingdom, the story follows a young warrior named Akoto, pursued by the treacherous Denkyiras. Fate intervenes, leading him to an encounter with Okomfo Kusi, a powerful spiritual leader and the Princess of Denkyira. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to confront their common enemy.

As challenges mount and alliances are forged, Akoto rallies the support of a population yearning for freedom. Their mission was to topple the oppressive Denkyira regime and crown Akoto as the Asantehene, the king of the Asante kingdom.

“Nana Akoto” is an inspiring tale that underscores the indomitable human spirit and the strength found in unity.

The movie witness the triumph of Akoto’s crowning as Asantehene, as the Denkyira forces retreat and the Asante states come together.