Times Layi Wasabi Has Proven Himself as a Philo-Comedian

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One of the most brilliantly funny comedians in Nigeria right now is Layi Wasabi. Without infusing any background sounds or funny memes, just his facial expressions and disposition of different personas – majorly as a lawyer, a financial coach or a taxi driver – Layi distinguishes himself from his comedian peers. If he is not settling a court case somewhere under a tree, he’s by the roadside advising someone to join his Money Making Investment Scheme (GNCC) WhatsApp group to become a millionaire in a week or two weeks. No one ever asked why a financial coach is yet to be financially buoyant or own a Benz. But he’s Layi Wasabi, he’s not that funny. And if we ever see him in an expensive Benz, we’d offer him to Officer Robert to konk his head.

While Layi calls himself a comedian, whose role is to simply entertain people, he has also managed to tease gem nuggets in his content. Especially when he is in Mr Richard’s mode, you’d think Layi Wasabi has spent 100 years on earth to be as wise as a professor. Even Shakespeare will salute him.

Here are some funny but inspiring sentences from Layi Wasabi:

Anybody that’s more successful than you, has more information than you. Without the right information, you’ll keep walking about. It is information that makes one fly. (Info lẹ́yàn fín fó): When I watched the video where Layi said this, the first similarity outside the financial discussion that came to my head was education and brilliance. In a class of 30 students, whoever comes first does so because he knows and understands things more than the rest of the class. What Layi means by information is knowledge because knowledge gives us an edge over others. Anyone who gets lost in a city or country does so because they lack the proper knowledge and information about the city or country.

Those who run after money cannot run a business: Countless times, I have heard financial experts emphasise that “the return of your capital is more important than the return on your capital,” and that is exactly what I believe Layi is trying to allude to. When establishing a business, if you’re more invested in earning your profit than earning your capital, you might end up losing everything. Also, establishing a business is a game of risks; if unsuccessful, you might end up losing both the capital and the profit. So if you run after money often, you can’t run a business.

The most affordable luxury to an unproductive man is time: The more idle you become, the less creative you be. The reason we say we don’t have time often is that we have a lot to do but we don’t have the luxury of time to executive everything. If you become jobless today, doing nothing, you’d realise how time walks like a snail. There and then, you’d realise that 24 hours in a day is actually a lot of time. True, who has got a car in exchange for time? Who are you? Jesus?

Do you know that money makes you a problem solver? Problem-solving is the most romantic thing you can do in a woman’s life: Problem-solving is actually the most essential thing you can do in anybody’s life. Money solves 90 per cent of humans’ problems. If lawyer Layi Wasabi had a lot of money, he’d get himself an office space and employ junior lawyers to work for him. But lawyer Layi cannot even afford to pay Akeem, his bike man, talk more about solving his problem of owning an office.

Billionaires don’t work to create money, they work to create value: I disagree with Layi on this. If billionaires don’t work to create money, where did they get the value? Money brings value. Being valueless is a problem, and money can solve that as well. I’d rather say that billionaires don’t just work to create money, they also work to create value, or billionaires make money to create value. That Aliko Dangote is a billionaire doesn’t mean anyone who tries to create Dangote’s kind of value through Dangote’s means will become another Dangote.

Are we not in soup?: Mr Richard Olayiwola asks a poignant question. We are all going through things in this country. No matter what course you studied, be it food science or not, ask yourself, as a country are we not in soup?

Because you suffer to make your money does not mean you should hold on to it / A man who does not like to spend money will spend money in a way that he doesn’t like:  The fact that you work for 30 days under capitalism to make your salary does not mean you’d spend the salary for thirty days. It’s the mathematical formula of life. So better spend your money! Layi is also telling you to buy what you intend to buy now. That thing that you wanted to buy but became expensive when you got there, where is that money now? See? You’ve used it to buy groundnuts, suya and bananas.

The right input to increase your income is to focus on the general outcome of your output: Wo, whatever Layi means by this o. Haha

Hard work pays, but minimum wage: Layi cannot give me a headache. Someone in the comment should please explain what he means here.

Let’s ask ourselves if Layi Wasabi is a comedian or a philosopher. For me, he is a philocomedian. He might be “poor,” but he’s intelligent. May my analysis of Layi Wasabi’s sentences not lead to my paralysis.

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