James Omokwe Reveals Why It Was Important To Tell The Cheta M Love Story

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Over the years, James Omokwe has been committed to telling epic stories – from Riona to Diiche, the director has invested and told stories that reflected the true nature of Nigerian cultures. With Cheta M, he reveals he takes a soft story approach that teaches viewers about the love that a man would have for a woman and the lengths to which he’ll go for that love.

James Omokwe on Cheta M and new Showmax
James Omokwe

The Cheta M director and producer revealed this at the official launch of the New Showmax that was held on Friday, February 9, 2024, which had in attendance some of Nollywood’s finest and served as a premiere for the newly acquired Showmax film, ‘Dead Serious.’

With Cheta M, James Omokwe disclosed that it was essential to tell the lover boy story from his ‘side of town,’ especially because he has done other shows that have showcased other sides of the culture.

Cheta M is a love story. It explores the love story between Adanna and Nnanna, young lovers who battle the spiritual and political forces in their way. Regardless of the spiritual and political elements of the show, Omokwe shares that the story is not about politics but about a heartwarming and engaging romance between the leads.

“No one is fighting for anything,” he said. He further explains that Cheta M “is very heartwarming, engaging, and it will make you cry – it made me cry – it will make you dig deeper into your soul. It’s such a beautiful story.”

The cast and crew portrayed so much chemistry at the exclusive launch of the new Showmax that it was believable when James Omokwe highlighted that everyone involved in the epic film was into the show. He said, “They did all the good work, and I’m happy.”

Cheta M, the 130-episode series, is showing exclusively on Showmax, with new episodes showing weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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