Liz Truss Endorses Donald Trump For The White House, Saying He Made West ‘Safer’

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Liz Truss and Donald Trump
Liz Truss and Donald Trump

Liz Truss just endorsed Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming presidential election in the US, saying he made the West “safer”.

Truss, the UK’s shortest-serving PM, attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC last night.

It was the latest part of her comeback tour just 16 months after she crashed the UK economy with her mini-budget and the Tories ousted her from office.

Speaking to former UKIP leader and Trump supporter Nigel Farage on GB News, Truss said: “I feel that Joe Biden needs to be kicked out the White House.”

The backbench Tory MP continued: “I think that is vital for the future of the West, and I have worked in the cabinet under both the Trump presidency as the trade secretary, and Biden when I was foreign secretary.

“And I tell you, I felt safer for the West when Donald Trump was in power.”

When in office, Trump allegedly threatened to leave Nato, took the US out of  the landmark climate accord known as the Paris Agreement, and withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.

“There you are – a British Conservative saying nice things about president Trump!” Farage said excitedly.

He continued: “And you’re right – he actually does stand up for genuine Conservative values and he likes our country, and I always think [incumbent president Joe] Biden rather loathes us.”

Truss replied: “Biden is very keen to criticise the United Kingdom, that’s certainly what I found as both foreign secretary and prime minister.”

Biden’s main intervention in UK politics was hooked to the largest obstacle in the Brexit negotiations – handling the border on the island of Ireland.

The president – who has Irish roots – made it very clear to British politicians that no Brexit deal should jeopardise the hard-won peace in Northern Ireland.

Truss also seemed to overlook how she once criticised Trump’s attitude to trade when endorsing him for November’s election.

Back in 2020, when she was the trade secretary, Truss said the UK would not “pull up the drawbridge in an autarkic Britain First approach”, hinting at the ex-president’s America First slogan.

But, it does seem her admiration for him may be mutual. Trump said in 2022, when she had just got into office, he said: “I think very highly of Liz Truss.”

Elsewhere in the conference, Truss sat with Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon and took aim at the so-called “deep state”.

She said she wanted to cut taxes and cut the size of the “administrative state” with her mini-budget last year – but “the economic establishment in Britain wanted to keep things the way they were – they got me”.

“But I have learnt from that, Steve,” Truss replied.

Bannon, founder of far-right outlet, the Breitbart News Network, said: “Hold on – was it the Economist that got you, was it the Financial Times of London, the city of London – are they the ones that run the deal over there?”

Truss said: “These are the friends of the bureaucratic establishment and they are the friends of the Deep State and they work together with the bureaucrats, of which we’ve got many more in Britain than you have here in the US, to keep things the same.

“People in Britain aren’t happy about that. They want change. But, it’s being stopped, and that’s why we need a bigger bazooka.”

Truss has undertaken a string of public appearances recently ahead of the launch of her new book, Ten Years To Save the West.