Meet the new Google sign-in page

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A screenshot of the updated login page for Google, with a wider layout than the narrow, vertically-oriented login box it previously had.
The new Google sign-in page that starts rolling out today, February 21st. | Image: Google

If you’ve logged in to your Google account recently, you might have seen a message that “a new look is coming soon,” and now, Google is showing off the “more modern look and feel” of its new sign-in page.

Of course, if that screenshot feels incredibly familiar, that’s because it’s mostly the same as the old one. The sign-in steps are all the same, except it has a light Material Design makeover that’s now aligned horizontally to work better across many screen types, including large and wide screens, like the ones found inside a Pixel Fold or on a Pixel Tablet.

Image: Google
Images of the old and new sign-in pages.

It’s also still ready to prompt users for their passwords, passkeys, or other authentication, just…

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