Not Sure of What to Gift Your Loved Ones This Valentine? Here’s a Curation for You

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We understand that it can be challenging to decide what to get your loved one or friend for Valentine’s Day. With so many gift options available, we always want to ensure that our gifts are unique and meaningful. The true meaning of gift-giving is to show that you have put thought into selecting a gift that the recipient will appreciate. However, choosing the right gift can be difficult and requires a lot of consideration. But, hey, we’re here to help.

With the situation of things, it is important to choose gifts that are appropriate for the times. Gifts that provide comfort, warmth, and support. Remember, the best gifts are those that show care, empathy, and understanding of the recipient’s needs and circumstances. Also, remember that the value of a gift is not determined by its expense or luxury but by the thoughtfulness and consideration behind it. So don’t feel pressured to choose something flashy or expensive. Instead, focus on finding something special for those close to your heart, whether it’s a partner, friend, or someone else. Here are some gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome! 

Cash Gift

Many Nigerians are currently finding it difficult to get cash. Many ATMs are not dispensing cash and POS cash providers have increased their charges, thus increasing the difficulties in getting cash. Gifting your loved ones a bundle of cash this period is a very thoughtful gesture. That way, they don’t have to queue for long at the bank or hustle to get cash from POS vendors.  

Vacuum Cleaner 

Harmattan is still in the air and everything is dusty. You leave your house clean in the morning and before you get back, everywhere has become dusty. Cleaning can be stressful, so anyone you gift a vacuum cleaner during this period will be grateful to you.


Sigh, our national grid is always falling. So many people haven’t had power supply in weeks, even months. For like two to three days, the entire nation will be in darkness for two or three days. If you get anyone a generator now, they will forever find you thoughtful.


If anyone gifts you fuel this Valentine, then you should consider tying the knot with them – because, whatttt? Apart from how costly it has gotten, you know it can be a struggle to get sometimes. Some people have parked their cars and bikes because they can’t through the struggle that comes with purchasing fuel. So do that now to put a smile on their faces. 

Perfume and/or Body Spray

Everyone has perfumes and sprays and deodorants; they are common gifts, yes but they are timeless and inexhaustible. One way to express your timeless love to your lover and loved ones is to get them nice perfumes and deodorants. Let them know your love for them is inexhaustible. 


Food is almost one of the most important things to humans. But things are hard, and food prices have also become costlier. Why don’t you fill your loved one’s pantry with foodstuff today and watch them love you forever?

The Harmattan Package

Remember Harmattan is still in the air? In this Harmattan package box, there’d be a cardigan, conditioner, vaseline/body oil, sunscreen, lip gloss/balm, and sunglasses. Get your loved ones these items to get them well-protected this season. Cardigan to prevent the cold, vaseline/body oil for dry skin, sunglasses to serve as shade against the sun and lip balm for chapped lips. 

Rechargeable Fan

It is currently the Harmattan season, but the heat has been unbearable lately. It’s rendering some of the items in the Harmattan package useless because who dares wear a cardigan in this heat? So, giving your loved one a rechargeable fan during this period would be a love language. They can use it when there is no electricity.

Spa Dates

Let’s be honest, everyone is going through a lot. So we need a moment to relax and chill. And what’s more relaxing than a full-body massage? If you want to treat your partner right on Valentine’s Day, treat them to a spa date. Let them feel good.


Data is expensive. Save your loved ones from spending so much money this season by helping them install a stable Wi-Fi connection in their house.

Shopping Vouchers

In case you don’t know what particular gift to get your partner, gift them a shopping voucher to buy whatever they want. If your partner uses a food ordering app like Chowdeck, you can also fund their wallet to eat as much as they want. They will consider you thoughtful, I promise.

What other gifts do you think are suitable for this period?



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