SIM registration: Important notice for all users

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Feb 13 (NewsWire) – The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has called for the correct registration of mobile phone SIM cards, urging the public to verify their SIM registrations.

TRCSL’s Deputy Director / Compliance (Consumer Complaints & Consumer/ Public Awareness) Menaka Pathirana has urged every individual who uses mobile phones to properly register their SIM card.

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Addressing the media on Monday (Feb 13), Pathirana urged the public to ensure that their mobile phone SIM cards are registered properly, to avoid exploitation for illegal activities.

The public can verify their SIM registrations on their mobile phones by typing #132#, she said. 

Pathirana advised the public to also contact other phone companies to check if a SIM card is registered in their name, especially SIMs that are currently not being used by the person and had been provided by their various employment.

The public has further been urged to immediately disconnect SIM cards that have been issued under their name without their knowledge.

Pathirana added that it was very important to disconnect SIMs if they have been issued under an individual’s National Identity Card number, without their knowledge. 

Reports of several illegal activities using SIMs registered under other people’s names have been reported in the recent past. 

The TRCSL has warned that the public may face issues if SIMs registered under their names are exploited for such illegal activities.

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