Smart Emmanuel: Surviving and Thriving Through Life’s Hardest Moments

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It’s crucial to note that despite the valuable lessons and personal growth that come from tough times, nobody wants to go through them. However, difficult situations are an inevitable part of life, and just like we prepare for each season, we must also prepare for various financial seasons. If you’ve experienced tough times before, you know that information is power, as it can determine who thrives, who survives, and who gets left behind. There are ways to survive this trying season and pave the way for one to thrive, even in the face of rising inflation and low purchasing power.

Stay Alive

Many people miss the first rule of tough times. The first rule is to stay alive. Before I explain how to stay alive, I will explain why, because it will help you find reasons to keep going even if the night grows darker. No season can last forever. Only those who survive will see the good days and benefit from great times. Staying alive is common sense, and most people want to stay alive, but not many people’s actions align with their desires. For example, if you find yourself in a stormy rain, your most important need is safe shelter and essential clothing, not fancy technology gadgets and clothing. At this time, it’s important to ensure basic things are taken care of first, and every other thing is secondary. The basic things that you need to stay alive.

Say NO

One of the reasons why the basic things must be taken care of is because it positions you to say no to the wrong opportunities. In desperate times, people say yes because they need money and secure a bad deal that continues even when times have changed. It’s important to do legal work to keep the basics going but not to accept opportunities that will keep you away from your best life. Good times will come, and your best life is assured, but certain opportunities may derail you from the right path. For example, a person with great work or business opportunities in Nigeria may emigrate to a new country where those opportunities do not exist for them. While this may provide temporary relief, this mistake can ensure they never become all they have always hoped for. Many entrepreneurs fit into this category. It’s important to say no to opportunities that won’t serve your future. Some entrepreneurs may even find themselves doing multiple businesses, thereby missing the blessings that come with focus. In other cases, some 9-5ers may resign because work has become too intense and venture into the murky waters of entrepreneurship that they don’t have a passion for. It’s important to stay on your path because this season won’t last forever, and only those who focus on their path will see opportunities that the unfocused won’t.

Calculated Optimism

It is important to maintain a positive outlook on the future, as tough times will eventually come to an end. No problem is permanent, and it is crucial to prepare for the opportunities that will arise when easier times return. This involves continually improving oneself, acquiring new skills, and accumulating assets that will make you an invaluable resource when the difficult season ends. Even during challenging times, it is possible to attract the best opportunities by demonstrating exceptional abilities and having the skills necessary to help individuals, organisations, and nations overcome their most significant obstacles. To achieve this, it is essential to remain optimistic and avoid distractions that could hinder your ability to seize these opportunities. As an entrepreneur, it is also important to keep an open mind, as difficult times often bring new possibilities. Planning for the future is key, as only those who position themselves for prosperity will be able to take advantage of it when the season changes. Although purchasing power may be low at present, this is not a permanent state of affairs. No problem will last indefinitely, and we should not allow ourselves to lose hope.


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