Tourist undergoes emergency surgery after tiger shark attack

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A tourist has been raced for emergency surgery after being attacked by a tiger shark in Jurien Bay, north of Perth.

The woman was in waist-deep water on a sea lion tour when she was bitten.

The tour company confirmed the 46-year-old was attacked out of nowhere off Sandland Island just after 11.30am (2.30pm AEST). A two metre shark bit her left calf.

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A tourist was bitten by a two-metre tiger shark off the coast at Jurien Bay, WA.

She was in waist-deep water off Sand Land island when she was attacked. Jurien Bay shark attack

Paramedics were called to the scene about 11.45am.

The man who pulled the tourist from the water told 9News the attack was a "freak accident" and happened in just a matter of seconds.

He fixed a tourniquet to her leg before putting her on a boat, which rushed her to shore before she was taken to hospital.

She was flown to Royal Perth Hospital, where she was to undergo emergency surgery.

Her condition was listed as critical.