MWC24: A Revolution In The World Of Technology

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Barcelona – MWC24 in Barcelona has once again proven to be the must-attend event for the technology industry, bringing together executives, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the world. The event is a showcase for the latest technological developments, and also a forum for important discussions on the future of connectivity, artificial intelligence and beyond.


Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze, Co-Founder of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network
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Highlights and innovations at MWC24

MWC24 showcased an impressive array of innovations and technologies that are pushing the boundaries of connectivity. From the launch of new wearables with a fashionable design focus to comprehensive reports on the future of telecoms technology paving the way for new devices and technologies, MWC24 offered an insight into the industry’s most exciting developments. The variety of really good-looking products, such as the OPPO Air Glass 3 smart glasses, the Samsung Galaxy Ring, and the various Huawei fashion wearables, ranging from smart headphones to smartwatches, left visitors in awe. Companies are striving to develop really good-looking products.

Breaking through barriers: The campaign to bridge the usage gap

Discussions also focused on important topics such as closing the usage gap and promoting digital inclusion. The usage gap, which excludes millions of people worldwide from the benefits of the internet, remains a pressing challenge. The GSMA’s Breaking Barriers campaign aims to close this gap and ensure that everyone has access to the internet. Asisat Oshoala, the ambassador for this campaign, is committed to ensuring that the younger generation has access to the internet by using her own foundation and the Asisat Oshoala Academy to teach digital skills.

The evolution of connectivity: from 4G to 5.5G

Mobile technology has evolved rapidly in recent years to meet the growing need for connectivity in an increasingly connected world. While 4G was mainly aimed at connecting people and things, 5G has already expanded connectivity in the home. However, with the introduction of 5.5G, the boundaries are being pushed again to enable even broader connectivity, including the vehicles and the industry.

The benefits of 5.5G:

Connectivity for vehicles: 5.5G enables the seamless integration of vehicles into the Internet of Things, leading to greater safety, more efficient traffic management and new entertainment and communication options.

Connectivity for industry: The integration of 5.5G into industrial applications and production processes will enable seamless communication between machines, sensors and other devices.

Better performance and efficiency: 5.5G will increase bandwidth, reduce latency, and increase data volumes, resulting in faster and more efficient connectivity.

Further developments and innovations

In addition to advances in connectivity, other important topics and developments were also discussed at MWC24. The partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the GSMA Foundry to drive innovation in terrestrial satellite communications was one of the most exciting pieces of news.

The dominance of 5G and the future of 5.5G

New figures from GSMA Intelligence showed that 5G is expected to account for more than half of all mobile connections by the end of the decade.

5G has proven to be the fastest-adopted mobile generation and is expected to reach 5.5 billion connections worldwide by 2030. This development will fundamentally change the way we communicate, work and live. 5.5G will enable even greater connectivity between people, things, homes, vehicles and industries. This will play a key role in shaping our connected and digitized future.

The role of open access [Open Gateway] at MWC24

While artificial intelligence (AI) was undoubtedly the focus of MWC24, the Open Gateway also played an important role. Major mobile operators such as Telefónica, Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone are showing increasing interest in using the Open Gateway to develop and share a growing number of APIs to monetize their 5G networks. These APIs provide developers with universal access to operator networks under the umbrella of the GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative.

Demonstrations and use cases

Various demonstrations were shown at MWC24 to illustrate the versatility of Open Gateway. For example, Telefónica enabled visitors to immerse themselves in a multi-camera sporting event with the help of virtual reality headsets. The Open Gateway made it possible to experience the event with 180- and 360-degree views “in the best service quality” and without interruptions.

Increasing importance and support

The importance of the Open Gateway was also underlined by industry leaders, including Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, and José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica. According to the GSMA, almost 50 mobile operator groups, representing around 65% of global connections, have now signed up to the Open Gateway initiative.

Opportunities and risks

Opening up networks to developers through Open Gateway offers mobile operators enormous opportunities to offer new and innovative services. A study by McKinsey & Company shows that the market for network APIs could generate between 100 and 300 billion dollars in revenue for operators over the next five to seven years. However, the company warns that operators will not be the only ones competing for this lucrative market.

MWC Barcelona 2024 in numbers

MWC Barcelona 2024 attracted more than 101,000 unique attendees from 205 countries and territories, with more than 59% of attendees representing industries outside the core mobile ecosystem. With more than 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners and over 1,100 speakers and opinion leaders, of which more than 40% were women, MWC24 was an impressive gathering of the industry’s leading minds and innovators.

Summary and outlook

Mobile World Congress 2024 was another milestone in the evolution of the technology industry. With groundbreaking innovations, important discussions and pioneering partnerships, MWC24 showed that the future of technology is bright and full of possibilities. As we prepare for the launch of 5.5G and beyond, we are on the brink of an exciting era of connectivity that has the potential to change the world as we know it.

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