Beyoncé Reveals Stevie Wonder’s Secret Contribution To Cowboy Carter

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Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé pictured together on Monday
Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé pictured together on Monday

Dolly Parton isn’t the only legend who had a hand in Beyoncé’s fiery version of Jolene.

While accepting the Innovator Award at Monday’s iHeart Radio Music Awards, the Cowboy Carter singer revealed that the one and only Stevie Wonder played harmonica on her cover of Dolly’s country anthem.

Beyoncé praised Stevie as he presented her with the trophy, telling the music legend: “Thank you so much, Stevie. I love you. I love you and I honour you. I want to thank you for making a way for all of us.”

“I’m honoured to receive this recognition from you, Stevie Wonder,” she continued. “Whenever anyone asks me if there’s anyone I can listen to for the rest of my life, it’s always you. So thank you, God bless you.”

Beyoncé accepts the Innovator Award from Stevie WonderBeyoncé accepts the Innovator Award from Stevie Wonder

Stevie expressed similar admiration for Beyoncé, telling her: “I want to thank you for motivating the world to be a better place.”

“And thank you for playing the harmonica on Jolene,” she replied, prompting screams from the audience.

Last weekend, Beyoncé got the stamp of approval from Dolly for her reimagined version of Jolene.

“Wow, I just heard Jolene. Beyoncé is giving that girl some trouble and she deserves it!” Parton wrote in an Instagram post.

In her 1973 original, Dolly pleads for Jolene to not take her man. However, in Beyoncé’s version, she rewrote the lyrics as a warning to Jolene to stay away from her husband and family.

“Don’t take the chance because you think you can,” she cautions in the song.

Cowboy Carter, which was released on 29 March, also features contributions from Willie Nelson, Post Malone and Miley Cyrus, as well as Black country artists such as Linda Martell, Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, Reyna Roberts and Willie Jones.

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