Sparks fly as plane makes emergency landing at airport

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A light plane was forced to make an emergency landing without landing gear at a Gold Coast airport.

The aircraft's pilots raised the alarm their landing gear wasn't working at about 8pm yesterday.

They then circled the airport at Coolangatta in an attempt to burn fuel and reduce the chance of ignition before touching down.

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Sparks could be seen flying from beneath the plane's fuselage as it landed on the runway without its landing gear deployed.

Emergency services were standing by as the forced landing unfolded.

"We prepare for the for the worst. And just hope for the best," a spokesperson for the Queensland Ambulance Service told 9News.

"We obviously had some of our critical care paramedics on site just in case there was some sort of a failed landing. But thankfully that wasn't the case."

The two pilots, aged in their forties and sixties, were assessed at the scene but weren't injured.

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