Australian has ‘no sensation from her waist down’ after Singapore flight

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An Australian man onboard the Singapore Airlines flight hit by extreme turbulence has described the "absolute carnage" during the plane's freefall, revealing his wife suffered a serious spinal injury as the plane suddenly plunged 6000 feet.

Keith Davis and his wife are two of the Australians still being treated in Bangkok, with the pair hoping for a medevac home.

Nine Australians remain in hospital, including three in ICU.

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"(My wife) fell into the aisle and she didn't move from then on," Davis told Today this morning.

"She hit the ground so hard and you know, I leant over her and said, 'Hey, honey, you're okay', I could see she was breathing and she could speak, but when someone hits the ground, they're going to try and get up and that wasn't happening.

"And then I realised I was pouring blood all over her and I thought, wow, we're in a lot of serious trouble here.

"She's had a severe spinal injury and she has no sensation from her waist down.

"She's got all of her wits about her, she's strong and we just want to get home."

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Davis considers himself lucky, escaping with superficial wounds.

He recalled the "chaos" as the plane dropped.

"It was absolute carnage, instantly, it was absolutely surreal and there was no warning," he said.

"When you come into turbulence, there is usually some warning, but this was just a freefall and before we knew it – we were on the ceiling and then bang, we are on the ground."

Almost half of the 211 passengers onboard SQ321 were injured, with a UK grandfather dying after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Images from inside the plane showed blood on the overheard compartments and equipment strewn inside the cabin.

Singapore Airlines has appointed a customer care officer to the pair to assist them in getting home.

It is understood the CEO of the airline flew to Bangkok and visited passengers in the hospital recently.