I’m a size 8 & my bestie is a 22…we’ve found the perfect dress from Boohoo that looks great on both of us & it’s on sale

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IF you’re looking for a new dress that’s not only stylish but super flattering too, then you’ve come to the right place.

And don’t worry if your purse is feeling a bit tighter than ever before, as you won’t need to break the bank to look good this summer thanks to this Boohoo buy. 

Fashion fans are raving about an incredibly flattering dress from Boohoo that looks great on all body shapes
So whether you’re a petite size 8 or a plus-size girl, you’ll need to check this out if you want to turn heads this summer

Fashion fans Christie Mac, a size 22 woman from West Sussex and her best friend, Sophie Martin, who is a size 8, took to social media to show off their new dress, which looks great on all body shapes.

And if you’ve got a holiday booked, or just fancy dressing up this season, then you’ll need to check this out.

Posting on Instagram the ‘size inclusive duo’ proudly modelled their new satin maxi dresses, leaving many open-mouthed.

Sophie wore the bandeau frock in white, in a size 8 petite.

At the same time, her bestie Christie modelled the matching dress in black, in a size 22.

Alongside the Instagram post, the fashionistas penned: “We found this dress last week and fell in LOVE – the print, the bandeau style, oh and to make it even better it’s just £21.60!!! 

“So perfect for an occasion or a holiday!” 

The fashion fans then asked their followers: “What do we think lovelies?” 

The floral maxi dress is available in petite and plus-size.

The petite frock ranges from a size 8 to a 14, but sizes are selling out fast.

It was once priced at £25, but now has 20% off, and has been slashed to just £20, saving you £5.

The plus-size version is available from a size 16 to a 28, and has been reduced from £27 to just £21.60, saving you £5.40. 

It’s super flattering and the statement print is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident this summer.

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The Instagram post, which was shared under the username @sophieandchristie, has quickly amassed almost 500 likes in just one day. 

Social media users were left open-mouthed at the gorgeous dresses and were keen to express this in the comments.

Absolutely stunning

Instagram user

One person said: “These are so lush.” 

Another added: “How gorgeous! I love both.” 

A third commented: “Love, love, love, ladies you look amazing.” 

Meanwhile, someone else penned: “Absolutely stunning.” 

At the same time, another fashion lover wrote: “You both look lovely! The dress gives me Rachel from Friends’ vibes.” 

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