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“Why is the mother of the bride being criticized for taking the spotlight from her daughter?”

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A MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE has left social media users totally divided after arriving at the ceremony with a jaw-dropping gown.

A clip taken at the romantic event showed Lori DeWitt, 53, strutting down the aisle in her bespoke Audrey + Brooks frock.


One mother-of-the-bride recently sparked a fierce debate after strutting down the aisle in a flamboyant gown[/caption]

The green floral dress, which she had purchased in New York, left people totally divided
The daughter stood by her mum, describing the gorgeous gown as ‘perfect’

The show-stopper of a dress featured a green floral design, a gorgeous plunging neckline, as well as removable train and bow on the back.

Meanwhile, her daughter who was tying the knot had opted for a comparatively more tame white off-the-shoulder outfit.

However, after wedding-content producer Chloe LeBlanc uploaded the video on TikTok, the gorgeous green gown sparked fierce controversy, with some commending the mum’s OTT choice and others thinking she had tried to upstage her daughter.

The now-viral video, which has been viewed more than a million times, saw thousands racing to share their thoughts.

”’Why does the MOB want to be the center of attention???” one baffled viewer wrote.

Another agreed, writing: ”Why upstage your daughter???? Shocking.”

”It’s not about the MOB!” someone else slammed the bold outfit, as others said they were ”glad” she was not their mum.

However, there were also plenty of those who rallied to the mother’ side, praising the taste and hitting back at the harsh critics.

”Finally! A MOB dress that is NOT DOWDY. Love this for both of them,” wrote one fan of the glam gown.

Another stated: ”Stunning! I want my mum to shine like this on my wedding day”.

”There’s no way ANYONE can outshine a bride. She’s the bride. The mum of the bride deserves to look fabulous as well,” is how a third felt about the outfit.

After taking the internet by storm, the mum, who works as an interior designer, defended her decision, saying: ”I would never do anything to hurt my daughter. Everybody just wanted to look their best”, she told Today.com.

”We didn’t realise my dress was going to spark a debate, but we’re laughing about it.”

The mother and daughter duo purchased their gorgeous gowns while on a shopping trip in New York City.

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According to the stylish mum, she even made sure the dress would be suitable for the church in New Orleans, where the wedding ceremony was held.

”It was originally strapless – but I didn’t think that was appropriate for a Catholic Church, so they changed the neckline.”

Despite the brutal criticism, the bride has stood by her mum, describing her dress as ”perfect” and saying she looked ”absolutely stunning”.

”It was just as much her day as it was mine”.

”We wanted our family members to shine.”