Danny Dyer Names The 1 Thing That Puts Him Off Signing Up For I’m A Celebrity

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Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer may be someone fans are dying to see take on a Bushtucker Trial, but I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is one reality show he’s determined to stay well away from.

On the latest episode of the podcast How To Fail, the former Eastenders star revealed that he’s asked every year to appear on the long-running reality show.

“I understand why some people do it, because they need their profile raised, or some have got a big tax bill,” he said. “But I’ve never quite understood why I [would] want to expose myself that much on a show, and let Ant and Dec take the piss out of me for fucking three weeks.”

Danny claimed that he was offered “shitloads” of money to make an appearance this year, but turned it down because he doesn’t want to end up as the butt of the joke.

“The public are voting for you to go and do awful things for some reason,” he explained. “It’s either they find you funny or they hate your guts.”

He also cited Matt Hancock’s recent stint as a reason not to take part, claiming: “That’s a kick out the bollocks that the ones that were in that particular one with him, they got voted out before Matt Hancock.”

Matt Hancock on I'm A Celebrity in 2022Matt Hancock on I’m A Celebrity in 2022

Danny added that even stars with huge fan bases like Boy George – who was the fourth contestant to be eliminated back in 2022, while the former Tory health secretary finished third – are eventually depicted in a pretty unflattering light while in a “vulnerable position”.

“I just think it’s a fucking disaster that you get voted off of a show before Matt Hancock,” he added.

But I’m A Celebrity isn’t the only reality show that Danny won’t budge on, no matter how much he’s offered.

Speaking in a recent interview with The Sun, he revealed that while he’s also offered money to participate in Strictly Come Dancing every year, it’s “not for me”.

“I’ve got no desire to be mincing around in sequins,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, Danny was showing off his pop credentials over the weekend when he performed a cover of Blur’s Parklife with Robbie Williams at London’s British Summer Time festival.

Listen to Danny Dyer’s interview on How To Fail With Elizabeth Day here.

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