Switching from Google Photos to iCloud is about to be a lot less painful

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Google logo with colorful shapes
Google’s service lets you order your photos to go. | Illustration: The Verge

Apple and Google are offering a new, nearly painless way to copy files from Google Photos to iCloud. As spotted by 9to5Mac, Google is adding iCloud support to its data transfer tool over the next week, making it possible to move your photo library directly to Apple’s service — no download necessary. It’s part of a bigger data portability initiative supported by a handful of big tech companies and complements the iCloud-to-Google-Photos service Apple rolled out in 2021.

The service is pretty straightforward: photos and videos are sent directly to iCloud, so there’s no need to download anything. You can send your whole library at once or specify which albums you want transferred. Google has a list on its support page of the file types you…

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