There’s Finally Been An Official Update On The Future Of The Shrek Franchise

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Shrek and Donkey as seen in Shrek 2
Shrek and Donkey as seen in Shrek 2

A fifth Shrek film has been confirmed to be in the works.

On Tuesday night, it was revealed that part five of the much-loved family franchise is due to hit cinemas on in 2026, with the film’s core cast all returning to voice their characters.

Mike Myers will be back for his fifth big-screen outing as the titular ogre, while Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy will also return to voice Princes Fiona and Shrek’s sidekick Donkey for the new adventure.

Fans are still in for a bit of a wait, though, as Shrek 5 won’t be out until July 2026, more than 16 years since the release of the last movie, Shrek The Fourth.

However, there have been several spin-offs released in that time, most notably Puss In Boots and its sequel Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, which won a perhaps surprising amount of acclaim when it debuted in 2022.

The first Shrek movie premiered in 2001 and quickly won huge critical acclaim, thanks to its impressive all-star cast and subversive approach to the fairytale storytelling most commonly associated with Disney’s animated offerings.

Shrek won the inaugural Oscar for Best Animated Feature, with follow-up Shrek 2 building on what made the film so popular.

Shrek 5 will mark 16 years since the character was last in cinemasShrek 5 will mark 16 years since the character was last in cinemas

Two more sequels, Shrek The Third and Shrek Forever After, came out in 2007 and 2010, respectively, though these were somewhat less well-received at the time.

Eddie teased in June during an interview with Collider that work had begun on Shrek 5 “months ago”.

He also revealed that his character, Donkey, would be getting his own movie, in addition to Shrek 5.

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