‘Too short and revealing’ trolls moan as they dub primary school teacher’s outfits ‘not appropriate at all’

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A WOMAN has left people open-mouthed after showing off her work outfits.

Brogan Eacott, a 23-year-old primary school teacher from the UK, wore a variety of summery outfits, including a tight milkmaid dress and a black split skirt, to go to work.

A primary school teacher has left people totally divided after showing off a week of her outfits for work
Whilst some thought Brogan Eacott looked ‘stunning’, others slammed her outfits as ‘not appropriate’

But the blonde-haired beauty, who showed off her spring outfits on social media, left many totally stunned. 

Not only did people describe her outfits as “inappropriate”, but others thought they were “too revealing.” 

Posting online, Brogan filmed herself in her bedroom each day before work, as she said: “Outfits I wear working in a primary school.”

On Monday, Brogan wore a blue, tight, milkmaid dress, which she bought from Shein.

On Tuesday, she modelled a ribbed dress with a stunning split detail, showing off her hourglass figure.

For Wednesday, the teacher opted for a tight pink t-shirt, which she ordered from TikTok shop, with a split black skirt.

When it came to Thursday, Brogan styled a pair of Zara trousers with a black t-shirt.

And finally, to finish off the week, on Friday, Brogan wore a baby blue dress which she ordered from Amazon. 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @broganexo, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a jaw-dropping 4.5 million views. 

But social media users were left divided by Brogan’s outfits – and many took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

One fashion fan beamed: “I love your outfits.”

Another agreed: “I’m OBSESSED with Monday’s outfit!! You look so good!!”

Meanwhile, one TikTok user claimed: “You look stunning every day.”

Do teachers follow a dress code?

THE National Education Union on teacher dress codes…

The NEU does not recommend formal dress code for staff in schools.

The NEU believes that staff should be able to dress according to their professional judgement unless this is detrimental to their capacity to do their job or is deemed unsafe or inappropriate for some other objective and reasonable reason.

Schools should take into account the principles set out below:

  • Staff have a right to expect respect for their religious beliefs, cultural practices and gender-identity.
  • Forms of dress should not interfere with the teaching, learning and assessment process.
  • Health and safety of pupils and staff should be assessed.
  • Consultation with staff is an essential principle.
  • Each case should be considered on its merits in the light of the principles identified in this guidance.

However, not everyone was as kind about Brogan’s work attire.

One person said: “Not appropriate at all for teaching.” 

Another added: “Too short and revealing.” 

A third commented: “Tuesday and Wednesday were inappropriate. You can’t be having a slit that rides up your crotch as a teacher.”


At the same time, many teachers revealed that they wouldn’t be able to wear such outfits to their workplace.

One teacher admitted: “I work in a secondary school and would definitely get picked up by SLT for wearing half of these!” 

A second chimed in: “I work in secondary and there is no way I’d be allowed to wear anything with slits in them that high!” 

Whilst someone else expressed: “Tuesday and Wednesday would have me sent home from my school setting.” 

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