Using AI To Scale Your Business With A Personal Touch

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Using AI to personalize products and services helps businesses scale efficiently while maintaining a personal touch, demonstrating the innovative potential of AI at scale.


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Personalizing products and services is the development tech companies should be paying attention to while leveraging AI to drive growth.

Back in 2008, Spotify’s original value proposition was to provide better content than copyright pirates at a time when the music industry was losing millions to file-sharing sites. It was remarkably successful. Now valued at over $61 billion, the streaming service has since commoditized music arguably better than any previous innovation. Remember cassette tapes? What about CDs? What Spotify has done so well is combine scale and specificity—a difficult feat but one now more accessible than ever thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

I call the process of turning innovative ideas or improvements into something that can be duplicated and scaled up quickly within a company “commoditizing creativity.” Historically, however, this has meant losing the individuality that so often comes as the price of rapid growth.

Online marketplace Etsy, for instance, built its brand on offering handcrafted items, but as it tried to compete with the bigger e-commerce players, it started allowing manufactured goods. In the process, Etsy alienated its existing suppliers who claimed it had “lost its soul.”

Enter AI. In our business as a B2B optical networking solutions provider, we are training AI agents to monitor industry trends with the capability to answer questions about a specific player. We are also in the process of developing a model to train AI agents with our historical “case management” data. When these capabilities are brought online fully, we expect to shorten the cycle time to design and deliver a customized solution, while increasing the number of customers we can serve.[…]

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