Body of 45-year-old driver found hanging

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The body of a 45-year-old driver, Ernest Afrane, was found hanging in a wooden structure at Gbetsile US in the Kpone-Katamanso municipality on Thursday.

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The wife of the deceased who found her husband’s lifeless body first told JoyNews she had woken up early to prepare for her day.

Eunice Anim told the reporter, Kwame Yankah, that her husband who usually wakes her up was not in the room with her and her kids.

The worried 38-year-old said she decided to look around the neighbourhood for him. Unfortunately, she saw her husband’s body hanging lifeless in a wooden structure in the area.

She explained to JoyNews that her late husband had been sick, suffering from a skin condition, for about three weeks.

The deceased driver who plies between Tema and Gbetsile, on Wednesday night asked his wife if she and their four children had funeral cloth.

Alarmed by his question, the widow said she tried to assure her husband he will get better soon.

Many of the neighbours say they are lost for words with some wondering what might have caused this incident.

The police in the area picked up the corpse after after it was reported.

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