I want to float in the void of this car’s paint job

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Driving around a car that looks like it’s made from the fabric of space is now slightly more possible, as demonstrated in this modified black paint job that DipYourCar applied to a Mitsubishi Lancer. The resulting car, spotted by Gizmodo, absorbs 99.4 percent of light, but features speckled luminescent spots that make it look like the night sky.

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The project required the use of Musou Black paint made by Koyo Orient Japan and the application of HyperShift, pearlescent particles used to create shiny finishes on cars. After some tinkering with paint thinner, the final result is stunning, even if it is as fragile and impractical as DipYourCar suggests.

The effect is reminiscent of Vantablack, a light absorbing material made from carbon…

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