Ikea’s huge new gamer gear lineup includes this weird wooden desk hand

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Relax, Ikea’s wooden gamer hand is here to take care of your gaming gear. | Image: Ikea

In an ideal world, we’d always keep a hand free to protect our precious gaming gear. But for those times when you’re busy, Ikea has released a ¥129.00 (around $20) wooden hand to act as a caretaker — one of dozens of new gaming products just launched in China. As Ikea explains it, the Lånespelare accessories stand (or the Gaming Hand, as we’ll be calling it) “takes care of cables, headsets and other gadgets that you want tidied away, yet still have within reach.” Sounds, uh, handy?

Ikea’s Gaming Hand is part of the company’s recently announced lineup of gaming furniture and accessories, which it says was developed in collaboration with Asus’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand. There are over 30 products in the range, which include…

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