Here’s How to Watch the Best HBO Shows in Nigeria

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It’s the weekend, and all we want to do after a stressful week is to escape the hustle and bustle of city life into the world of TV and movies.

From The Wire, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, to Succession, Insecure, and hundreds more, some of the greatest TV productions of all time have been made by HBO. And many of these are available to watch in Nigeria courtesy of Showmax!

Here’s a list of some of the best HBO shows to binge-watch on Showmax this weekend:

HBO Showmax


Game of Thrones S1-8 (Full box set)


Plunge yourself in the fantastical setting of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms, a land ruled by blood feuds, majestic landscapes, and mystical forces. There’s more to fear than other humans as the war for dominance of the Seven Kingdoms becomes increasingly deadly. A dreadful shadow is spreading beyond the Wall, a huge barrier created in the distant past to defend the realm. Winter is approaching… And it’ll be dark, cold, and cruel. Also look out for the GoT spin-off House of the Dragon, coming from HBO in 2022.

HBO Showmax

Insecure Season 1 – 5


Black women are supposed to be strong and confident. In this side-splitting new comedy show, a fresh look at being yourself, Issa and Molly’s relationship survives on their anxieties. The full Season 5 of Insecure drops on Showmax on 28 December.

Succession Showmax

Succession Season 1 – 3


Kendall’s public betrayal of his father, Logan, at the end of Season 2 was akin to declaring war. What will happen to Waystar Royco, and which of Kendall’s siblings will wind up in which camp? Season 3 episodes drop on Showmax every Monday, express from the US.

Gossip Girl Showmax

Gossip Girl, the reboot 


The original 2007 Gossip Girl won 18 Teen Choice Awards. Now, this extension of the pop culture classic takes us back to the Upper East Side, finding a new generation of New York private school teens being introduced to social surveillance nine years after the original blogger’s website went dark. Watch the full box set of the original Gossip Girl series on Showmax, plus binge the first 10 episodes of the reboot from 3 December. 

Hacks Showmax

Hacks S1


The #2 show on Rotten Tomatoes’ Best TV of 2021 (So Far), comedy-drama series Hacks centres on legendary Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance, who takes on an entitled, down-on-her-luck Gen Z comedy writer in a bid to find fresh material and remain relevant as her performance dates start to dwindle. 

To add to your weekend list, you can also binge watch these intriguing HBO shows, The Flight Attendant, Raised by Wolves, Mare of Easttown, The Third Day, and many more only on Showmax.

Good thing is that Showmax is offering a special 2-for-1 Black Friday deal for new and existing subscribers. So, when you subscribe to Showmax, you get an extra month on the house. The offer ends December 9, 2021.  

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