Kim Potter Trial, Dec. 9 Live Updates: Witnesses For The Prosecution Resumes

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Opening statements were made Wednesday in the trial of former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter, who is charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of Daunte Wright. New footage of the fatal shooting was played in court when witnesses were called to the stand, the first of which was Wright’s mother, who testified that the day her son died was the worst day of her life.

Katie Bryant shed tears on the stand as she described how her 20-year-old son was a “jokester” and a “wonderful father” to a 1-year-old child. She said that on April 11, she was watching her grandson when Wright stopped by their home to pick up cash for a car wash and gas. It would prove to be the last time she saw her son alive.

Body camera video presented in court showed Bryant arrive at the scene of the shooting, asking officers why Wright was shot. She testified that she could tell her son’s body was under a sheet near his car because she recognized his tennis shoes.

“I wanted to comfort my baby,” she said. “I wanted to hold him. I wanted to protect him, because that’s what mothers do.”

The second person to take the stand during the first day of testimony was Brooklyn Center police officer Anthony Luckey. The 31-year-old Brooklyn Center native was undergoing field training officer, and Potter was his partner.

Composite video of dash camera and body camera footage played during Luckey’s testimony. The video showed the officer stopping Wright’s car, Luckey running a check on Wright and attempting to arrest him on an outstanding misdemeanor weapons warrant. When Luckey tried to handcuff Wright, he said he could feel Wright tense up. “Don’t do it, bro,” Luckey can be heard saying.

When Wright tries to get back into his car and a struggle ensues, Potter can be heard saying “I’m going to Tase you.” She threatens to Tase Wright again before yelling, “Taser, Taser.” A moment later, a single shot rings out.

Immediately after, Potter says, “I just shot him…I grabbed the wrong f—— gun.” The footage shows her crying, kneeling on the ground and screaming, “Oh my God.” At one point, Potter says, “I’m going to go to prison,” at which Luckey responds, “No, you’re not.”

Earlier in the day, during opening statements, prosecutors told the jury that police officers must always be mindful of the welfare of others. Attorney Erin Eldridge said that Kim Potter’s duty that day was to protect life, not take it.

“This case is about an officer who failed,” she said.

The prosecution’s argument will not hinge on whether Potter intended to kill Wright, but that she was reckless and negligent. The state plans to argue that Potter should not have even tried to Tase Wright, as it’s against the department’s policy to Tase a fleeing suspect.

On the other hand, Potter’s defense said in opening statements that her “good name has been besmirched” by false allegations and “slanted” press coverage. Defense attorney Paul Engh told the jury that all Wright had to do was surrender and he would “still be with us.”

“[Potter] made a mistake,” Engh said. “This was an accident. She’s a human being. ”

The defense plans to have Potter take the stand. Also testifying will be a police psychologist, who will speak on the concept of “action error,” when someone does on thing while meaning to do another.

Others expected to testify in the coming days include the woman who was in the car with Wright when the shooting happened and Potter’s former boss, Tim Gannon, who was fired as police chief in the days after Wright’s death.

In the end, it’ll be up to the jury to decide whether Potter’s mistake was criminal or not.

Outside the courtroom Wednesday evening, protesters took to the streets of downtown Minneapolis, demanding justice for Wright. Courtney Ross, George Floyd’s girlfriend, spoke to the crowd, saying that Potter needs to face consequences for taking Wright’s life.

“If she was a woman of honor, she would have admitted her guilt and faced the consequences,” Ross said. “But she’s not. She’s a coward. She’s a murderer.”

Testimony in the trial is set to continue Thursday morning. CBSN Minnesota will have gavel-to-gavel coverage.

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