Street Church is sharing love and spreading light this December

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How many times has the famous yellow square design crossed your screen in the past six months? How many times have you chuckled and taken a screenshot of a bible verse depicted in pidgin English?

Street Church


What did you do with that screenshot? Did you wave the yellow flag announcing the gospel according to the street? Did you imagine it on a T-Shirt? Whatever you did, you have to agree that, in less than a year of its inception, the Street Church movement has made waves and reached every “lungu”.

Street Church, a platform created to connect people to God through love and creativity, has built a strong following across all social media platforms. With a blend of wit and pop culture infused with the gospel, they’ve been breaking Bible verses into easy, relatable content in pidgin and street-speak.

Keeping to its name, Street Church also takes the word to the streets. The street army has hit various cities with the word, from Lagos to Abuja to Akure, fortified with catchy placards and engaging flashcards. While working hard to shape culture and create trends with God as the standard, another vision was birthed for Street Church.

Street Church is set to create new Christmas memories with old Christmas traditions, seeing that Christmas seems to have lost its glitz without the usual contagious excitement that ushers in the season.

Love and Light 21’ is a cultural expression of the true Christmas spirit; to share, celebrate & shine as a beacon of hope in our community through music, comedy, and other creative expressions. This event will focus on recreating Christmas experiences and traditions.

Street church

Love and Light will be held on Saturday, December 12, 2021, at Lekki Leisure Beach, by 3:00 PM. The event will feature several artists and experiences while creating nostalgic moments.

Do you remember dancing to “Opomulero”? Or the upbeat sounds of “Lagimo”? Do you remember the taste of “Baba Dudu” and playing “Suwe” with the neighbourhood kids?

Under an open roof, surrounded with beautiful music, laughter, glowing lights and a creatively recycled Christmas Tree, Street Church will stir your memories till you say, “E don tey wey we dey for street”.

For further enquiries about the Love and Light Fest ’21, don’t hesitate to contact Street Church via [email protected]

Source: TheNet