Rachel Roasts Sheggz, Chomzy and Eloswag’s Delusion and More on BBNaija This Week

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The anticipation of the eviction night has intensified the housemates’ emotions, with certain housemates overrating their reach outside the house and some holding on to ships that no longer serve them.

Rachel and Sheggz

Following their wager loss and nominations night with Bryann, Phyna, Doyin, Bella, Eloswag, and Chomzy being up for eviction, many fights and messiness had occurred in the past week over food. Here are some of the highlights from BBNaija this week. 

  • Rachel and Shella’s Fight

The ‘ultimate’ BBNaija Level Up couple are always in the middle of controversies, whether it’s their relationship with each other or how they relate with other housemates. Rachel was ready to dish whatever they brought to them double. It all started with Bella requesting beef instead of chicken laps, only for Sheggz to call Rachel ‘stupid’ for not knowing that his Bella does not eat beef, imagine the confusion. The worst thing was Bella finally spilling the food on Rachel.

  • Chomzy and Phyna’s Fight

Chomzy has quite a foul mouth, from looking down on other housemates to body shaming other women. There is a long list of why she exactly doesn’t appeal to most people. In her way of trying to cause unnecessary drama, she started a battle of words with Phyna while body shaming her and once again talking about her non-existent fame outside the house. As usual, Phyna did not spare her.

  • HoH Hermes ‘Regime’

Hermes is one housemate that stands by his principles and loves discipline. When he won the HoH, we knew we were in for a week with the strict general. From their preparations for their wager to how he dealt with situations in the house, he refuses to people please and stand for decorum.

  • Chomzy and Eloswag’s Delusion

Most level 1 housemates have this delusion that they are the more popular housemates outside the house when it’s not true. This narrative has, however, gotten into their heads that they make careless statements like if they are up against level 2 housemates, the housemates in level 2 will leave first. If only they knew.

  • Bryann and Doyin’s Toxic Banter

It might be all banter and vibes today, but one day it would definitely lead to something worse as these two have degenerated to running down each other and speaking uncouthly to themselves as banter. I hope they don’t break each other’s heads when it sups.

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