The SSCU Superintendents Are Killing Their Roles On The First Episode of Crime & Justice Lagos

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Crime stories have not looked any better since forever, and Showmax, with their new Original Series, ‘Crime & Justice Lagos’, are already setting the pace for well-written crime stories in Nigeria.

Folu Storms and Jammal Ibrahim Crime & Justice Lagos
Crime & Justice Lagos. Photo: Instagram/Showmaxnaija

Great acting, well-executed stunts, the right amount of suspense, and intriguing storytelling are some of the many takeaways from the first episode of Crime & Justice Lagos. 

Here are some of the major highlights from the police procedural series.

Mrs. Oredo Has No Right To Feel Betrayed

Whether her husband cheated or not, she still was in the wrong. How can you cheat on your husband with his friend and think that a friend who does such a thing actually loves you?

Although trying to frame her for murder was cruel, Tony Akpata already showed traits of being dangerous and untrustworthy.

Veno And Tami’s Bothersome Relationship

Instead of asking him for affirmation every second, Veno should have left Tami as soon as he suggested that he would be her ride to her sugar daddy’s house. What sort of boyfriend takes his partner to a hotel to be slept with by other men? It’s no wonder he left her to be killed when he was being haunted by the cultists.

Tunde and Kelechi Need To Officially Break Up

Although we still have no idea the cause of Tunde and Kelechi’s relationship problems, it’s shocking that the first thing he wanted, even before settling the argument he had with her, was to get intimate with her.

When he said, ‘call me when your period ends’, it was as funny as it was horrifying.

The Inspectors Are Inspecting

Superintendent Kelechi ‘KC’ Farasin and Superintendent Danladi Dikko were the ultimate duo in this episode. They had each others back and did their jobs incredibly well. Although they eventually couldn’t protect their witness, it was great to see how their alertness saved him multiple times before he was eventually killed.

Watch new episodes of Showmax’s new original series, ‘Crime & Justice Lagos’ every Thursday.


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