This bigoted ‘Christian’ suffered a heavyweight knockout and it’s the perfect payoff

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Leading contender for takedown of the week is surely this, an exchange with a bigoted ‘Christian’ that ended in the most satisfying way.

It appears to be a conversation between a pastor (or similar) and a member of their congregation who presumably won’t be a member of their congregation for much longer. And thank goodness for that.


It was at this point that the referee intervened to stop the fight.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it over on Reddit.

‘I like their style.’

‘For a Christian, he shows a lot of discrimination. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? Hypocrite. In addition “fuck you” is such a Christian thing to say.’

‘I mean if it took them that long to figure out their pastor was gay … does it actually affect his ability to do his job?’

‘You’re assuming this person has logic.’

‘This read like the last few shots of a heavyweight fight as the opponent on the left got knocked out. Lmao.’

Source: ThePoke