Cities Worth Visiting In Africa

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Morocco’s fourth-largest city, Marrakesh is a mesmerizing place to visit filled with ancient architecture and modern culture. In the western part of the country, Marrakesh is home to a vibrant medieval walled medina, which dates back to the Berber Empire.

Right on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is a chaotic and bustling city that is also the largest in Egypt. It’s dubbed the “city that never sleeps” – there is always something going on in this sprawling metropolis, where ancient culture meets modern skyscrapers.

Stone Town is no major metropolis; it is an old Swahili coastal trading town, but it is one of the most intriguing destinations in Africa. Located on the beautiful island of Zanzibar off the Tanzanian coast in the Indian Ocean, Stone Town is the heart and soul of the island. The town dates back more than 200 years and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Johannesburg, or Jo’burg as the locals call it, is South Africa’s largest city and one of Africa’s most wealthy and modern. Expect skyscrapers, world-class hotels, and a host of restaurants that can rival those in major western cities like New York.

Rwanda’s capital city is known for being one of Africa’s cleanest cities. Set in the middle of the country and just a 2.5-hour drive from Volcanoes National Park, where tourists come to trek to see Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, it has a great geographical location for exploring this emerging destination.

Namibia’s capital city is one of Africa’s easiest to navigate. Safe, contemporary, and clean, it is filled with traditional German houses and pastel-hued buildings. Despite being Namibia’s largest city, Windhoek has more of a small-town vibe. The pedestrian-friendly city is easy to explore on foot.

Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos is also the country’s richest metropolis and its financial epicenter. The city is also where to come if you are hoping to make a name for yourself in Nigeria’s thriving film and music industries – many dream of appearing on stage at Freedom Park, which served as a prison during the colonial-era and is now a popular concert venue.

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