Chaste Inegbedion: The Secret Sauce of Winning Relationship Building in B2B

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Imagine returning from a bustling conference where you manned a booth, only to find your leads and follow-up notes completely empty, despite 600 people stopping by. Frustrating, right? It’s a scenario many B2B organisations have faced, regarding the evolving landscape of B2B sales in today’s uncertain economy.

Recently, during conversations with numerous Business Development Representatives (BDR) leaders at SaaStr, one thing became abundantly clear: the ideal BDR tech stack has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past year. As businesses grapple with economic uncertainties and the ever-increasing pressure to generate revenue with limited resources, innovative approaches to sales have become paramount.

Navigating Sales in an Uncertain Economy

In the face of economic unpredictability, B2B organisations are reevaluating their sales strategies. The traditional approach of cold calls and generic email outreach is no longer sufficient. Many have struggled with garnering engagement on their social media platforms, despite employing various advertising strategies and partnering with influencers. It’s a challenge that’s left numerous marketing professionals scratching their heads. To thrive in this dynamic environment, businesses are turning towards a more personalised and engaging approach. So, what’s the secret sauce for winning engagement in the ever-crowded digital landscape?

The Secret Sauce: Winning Engagement

The key to winning engagement lies in the ability to connect with your audience on a deeper level. It’s about understanding their pain points, desires, and motivations. To achieve this, B2B organisations are increasingly leveraging the power of content marketing. Creating valuable and informative content tailored to their target audience’s needs not only captures attention but also builds trust and authority. The essential component of this engagement strategy is social listening. By actively monitoring social media channels, businesses can gain insights into customer sentiments, emerging trends, and competitive intelligence. This information informs content creation and engagement strategies, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

The Impact of Deep Sales

As landscapes shift, the role of BDRs has evolved beyond cold calling. Deep sales, also known as consultative or solution-based selling, has taken centre stage. It involves understanding the customer’s unique challenges and offering tailored solutions. This approach not only drives sales but also fosters long-term customer relationships. Deep sales require BDRs to become trusted advisors rather than just salespeople. They must possess in-depth knowledge of their products or services and understand how they address specific customer pain points. This level of expertise not only instils confidence in potential clients but also positions the salesperson as a valuable resource.

Bedtime Check-Ins: The Personal Touch

Amidst all these changes, one practice gaining traction is the “Bedtime Check-In.” It’s a simple yet effective strategy that involves sending a personal message or email to a prospect at the end of the day. This message expresses gratitude for their time and includes a brief, personalised note. This humanises the sales process, demonstrating genuine interest and care for the prospect’s needs. This leaves a positive impression and sets the stage for more meaningful follow-up conversations.

Leveraging Reality or Popular Shows

In an era where collaboration and innovation are keys to success, some forward-thinking corporations are turning to unconventional partnerships. One such example is the collaboration between B2B organisations and the ‘All Stars’ from the 2023 Big Brother Naija show. Housemates garner a massive and engaged fan base, making them valuable assets for corporations looking to boost their brand visibility. Through strategic partnerships and creative marketing campaigns, B2B organisations are tapping into the influence and reach of these reality TV stars to connect with a broader audience.

The world of tech sales is evolving rapidly. To thrive in an uncertain economy, businesses must focus on winning engagement through personalised content and social listening. Deep sales, with its emphasis on tailored solutions, is redefining the role of BDRs. And, a Bedtime Check-In, which is a small gesture, can make a big difference in building lasting customer relationships. As it is known, “The future of B2B sales is not about selling, but about building trust and relationships.”


Featured Image by Christina Morillo for Pexels.

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