Chris Christie Spots The Trump Interview Moment That Made His Lawyers Sick

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Donald Trump keeps hurting his own legal defence, and did so again on Sunday during his Meet the Press interview. 

“Every time he opens his mouth, his lawyers must want to vomit,” Christie said on CNN on Monday. 

One of Trump’s potential defence arguments to some of the 91 felony counts across four criminal cases is that he was relying on the advice of attorneys when he orchestrated a plot to overturn the results of the 2020 election. 

But on Sunday, Trump admitted that he was calling the shots

“It was my decision,” Trump told Kristen Welker.

“This is a guy who is just burying himself deeper and deeper, taking away any potential defence he has,” said Christie, a former Trump ally who is now running against him for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. 

While Sunday’s interview featured Trump’s usual constant barrage of lies, Christie said the admission was a “rare time” when the former president was actually telling the truth.

“I think he was the person who made these decisions. I think he is responsible for his own conduct,” Christie said. “But I tell you, if I was his defence lawyer, I’d want to jump out a window every time this guy gets in front of a microphone or in front of a screen to send something out on Truth Social.”  

Christie also noted that Trump never denied the actual conduct at the heart of the criminal cases against him. 

“If you don’t deny the conduct, then you’re in very, very big trouble,” Christie said. “He is in big trouble. and if we nominate him, our party will be in big trouble.”  

See the full interview below: